Preconstruction Phase


IVORY & OAK’S preconstruction phase is focused on achieving a layout and design to determine the complete scope of work in order to provide you with an itemized proposal. Our design- build approach streamlines the process and allows us to ensure your project stays within budget.

01  Design Objective

We determine the main objectives for your project, what your priorities are and what you are looking to accomplish.

02  Preliminary floor plan

Our goal is to optimize your space and create a flow that suits your needs.
We work with you to figure out the best floor plan that meets your design objectives.  We will review architectural plans to make suggestions and guide you in the right direction.

03  Design board

Many customers know what they like but can’t figure out how to pull it all together. Ivory & Oak will review your inspiration photos to create a design board, blending your aesthetic with classic elements to achieve a timeless design. Everything from color schemes to fixtures will be determined throughout the design phase.

Once decided, Ivory & Oak will source and order your materials, making sure they arrive on time. 

04  realistic rendering

We combine the design and floor plan to create a rendering which allows you to see your finished space before the project even begins. We can input different colors and textures so you are able to see multiple options and combinations of materials. Not only will you see it’s true potential, but you will feel confident in your design before moving forward.

05  detailed floor plans

Details are added to the floor plan and elevations for your review, ensuring you are satisfied with the overall layout and design before work onsite begins.

06  shop drawings

A full set of shop drawings will be provided for approval before your millwork goes into production.

07  finished product

There is nothing quite like seeing your concept come to life. Ivory & Oak ensures your design is executed to perfection with attention down to every last detail.