Our Process

A streamline process, providing exceptional customer service.

01  Consultation

A consultation can range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your project. Steve and Nicole will discuss your overall vision, wish list and must haves. How you plan to utilize the space and your family’s lifestyle is important. Our objective is to gain as much information as possible to give us a complete understanding of the potential project. Every detail, even ones you may not think are important can affect how we visualize the space and plan the appropriate order of events.

02  Budgets

There is no way to provide a realistic proposal without securing a layout and design first. Otherwise, we don’t know what we are pricing out. We will provide you with a rough budget based off our consultation and similar completed projects. This number will reflect your wish list and must have’s, so keep in mind there is wiggle room and it’s not set in stone. We try to be as realistic as possible to prepare you for the overall potential cost and our goal is to help keep you in budget during the preconstruction phase. The work leading up to a finalized proposal demands a lot of our time. We take pride in giving our clients 100% of our attention and cannot take time away from them working on potential projects. This is the reason budgets are presented first. Once you are committed to us, we are committed to you 24/7.


If we are a good fit and agree to move forward, the next step is the preconstruction agreement which is accompanied by a fee based off of the scope of work.

The preconstruction phase is very in depth and takes as long as needed to finalize the perfect design. Every design is unique to each client and customized to fit their lifestyle and aesthetic. Listening to our clients and understanding how they live and where they see themselves in the future is integral to the design process. We want to create homes that grow with the individual and their family. For most clients, this is a once in a lifetime investment and our goal is to ensure every decision is carefully thought out and nothing is overlooked. We guide you thru each step and help you make informed decisions that work for your design and budget. Our realistic renderings allow you to see your finished space before the project even begins. Not only will you see its true potential, but you will feel confident in your design before moving forward. The preconstruction phase includes:

Procuring an architect-paperwork for permit-layout and floorplans-design boards-elevations and renderings- material selection and samples- material pricing-onsite meeting with the Ivory & Oak team, sub-contractors, architect and clients- final proposal



Once we have a finalized layout, design and architectural drawings if needed, we can begin working on the itemized proposal. This takes a few weeks to review all of the details with our team, subcontractors and vendors to obtain accurate pricing. Ivory & Oak will present you with a detailed proposal that includes not only the detailed scope of work but the specific materials for your project, ensuring you know exactly what you are getting. Separately, you will receive a proposal for all of the finishes and fixtures that were chosen during the design phase. You are not yet committed to these proposals. They are based off your design and we work with you to make as many changes as needed. Some compromises in the design may be necessary to achieve a final number that you are comfortable with but we are here to walk you thru it. We will update the renderings so you can see how potential changes will affect the design before you move forward. Once you are satisfied with the design and proposal, we sign the contract, receive the deposit and get a start date on the calendar.

05  Project kickoff

Before we begin onsite a few things need to be addressed.

  • Access to your home: We provide a secure lockbox to store your key or you can provide us with garage code. 

  • Designated space for materials. The garage, basement or an extra room is preferable

  • Furniture and items in or near the workspace should be cleared prior. We will move the larger items, but any sentimental pieces or décor that could potentially be damaged need to be removed beforehand.

  • If you have any pets or important instructions please inform us so we can make this experience less stressful for you and your family.

We take great care in protecting your home to avoid as much dust and disturbance as possible. Our team lives the Ivory & Oak standard of being professional and respectful of your property. If at any point something isn’t up to your standards, please let us know so it can be addressed. As always, a full house cleanup is scheduled at the end of your project.

Providing you with exceptional customer service is part of our mission. Keeping you updated and informed throughout your project is something we take pride in. Each client receives a customized project dashboard that includes weekly schedules, important updates, pending decision, important documents, project progress photos and more. This allows you to be fully involved in the progress and understand the next steps. Change orders are common, but we will always discuss your options and guide you in understanding your choices

As always, Ivory & Oak will be available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.